Corporate events and gifts


Providing a unique bespoke service can really attract the attention of clients and shoppers. Fragrances, candles, wines and spirits, glassware and gift boxes can all be adorned with beautiful hand engraving or calligraphy in a modern or traditional style to suit your branding. Such events are hugely sought after in America and the trend is becoming increasingly popular amongst luxury brands in the UK. Do contact me if you would like me to work with you to provide hand engraving or pointed pen calligraphy in store and at events.

I also deliver pointed pen modern calligraphy workshops for corporate team building. The mental health benefits of

calligraphy are well documented, as is the link between nurturing mental health and productivity in a business environment. During the current pandemic, businesses have lost a lot of team spirit through working from home. my modern calligraphy workshops can help teams to rebuild office relationships while learning a valuable and relaxing new skill. I can deliver bespoke workshops both online and in person within current guidelines on social distancing. If you would like to discuss options further, feel free to reach out to me below.

Contact me to discuss corporate events including live calligraphy and engraving or modern calligraphy team building workshops.