Beginners' Modern Calligraphy Course Schedule

Every Thursday in April 7.00pm - 9.00pm


Week One

The Basics

An introduction to Modern Calligraphy, how to hold the pen and get the nib angle correct. Basic strokes and shapes.


Week Two

The Letters

Learn how to turn the basic modern calligraphy strokes into letters. We will look at lower case letters then move onto upper case.


Week Three

The Words

It's time to put those letters together to make words. Connecting letters together takes some skill in itself and can really change the look of your modern calligraphy.


Week Four

The Style

Now for the really fun bit... adding your own style to your modern calligraphy! This week you will learn simple bouncing and flourishing techniques to give your lettering an extra stylish edge.


Week Five

The Design

The final piece in the jigsaw is layout. This week we will explore some great tips to help you to design greetings cards and address envelopes beautifully using all of your epic modern calligraphy skills.